Selected Publications

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V.M.Adamyan, V.A.Sreckovic, Lj.M.Ignjatovic and A A Mihajlov. The self-consistent determination of HF electroconductivity of strongly coupled plasmas. Physics Letters A 374 (2010), 754-760.

M.Eingorn, A.Zhuk. Non-relativistic limit of multidimensional gravity: exact solutions and applications. // Classical and Quantum Gravity (2010) 27 055002 // arXiv:gr-qc/0910.3507.

M.Eingorn, A.Zhuk. Classical tests of multidimensional gravity: negative result. Classical and Quantum Gravity (2010) 27 205014 //arXiv:gr-qc/1003.5690.

M.Eingorn, A.Zhuk. Kaluza-Klein models: can we construct a viable example? // Physical Review D 83, 044005 (2011) // arXiv:gr-qc/1010.5740.

V.L. Kulinskii. The application of the global isomorphism to the study of liquid-vapor equilibrium in two and three-dimensional Lennard-Jones fluids. J. Chem. Phys. 133, p.131102 (2010) // arXiv

L.A. Bulavin and V.L. Kulinskii. Generalized principle of corresponding states and the scale invariant mean-field approach. J. Chem. Phys. 133, p.134101 (2010) // arXiv

A.A. Chepizhko and V.L. Kulinskii. On the relation between Vicsek and Kuramoto models of spontaneous synchronization. Physica A 389, pp.5347-5352 (2010) // arXiv

V. L. Kulinskii. Global isomorphism between the Lennard-Jones fluids and the Ising model. J. Chem. Phys. 133, p.034121 (2010) // arXiv

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L.A. Bulavin, V.L. Kulinskii and N.P. Malomuzh. Singularity of the binodal diameter in terms of entropy-temperature for atomic and molecular liquids. Ukr. J. Phys. 55, pp.1283-1289 (2010)

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S.V. Lishchuk, N.P. Malomuzh and P.V. Makhlaichuk.. Why thermodynamic properties of normal and heavy water are similar to those of argon-like liquids?. Physics Letters A 374, pp.2084-2088 (2010)