Workshop "Liquids, Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, Surface Effects" devoted to the 100th anniversary of Professor Joseph Zalmanovich Fischer

Odessa, Ukraine, 20.06 - 21.06, 2019




Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Information Technologies conducts on the basis of the Department of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy and under support of the Foundation "KTF-ONU" a workshop "Liquids, Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, Surface Effects" devoted to the 100th anniversary of Professor Joseph Zalmanovich Fischer. The workshop is aimed to bring together physicists to discuss his scientific legacy. The topics of the workshop cover a wide range of problems - from the physics of classical liquids, including water and aqueous solutions, to solid-state nanostructures and general relativity theory. 


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Registration (until June 20, 2019) and submission of abstracts (until June 14, 2019) are open through this link. The registration fee is 250 UAH (paid on arrival on site). The registration fee covers the cost of the materials of the conference, collections of selected works of I.Z. Fisher, conference dinner and coffee breaks. In some cases, the contribution can be reduced or waived.


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Vadim Adamyan

Svetlana Balika

Vladimir Kulinskii

Nicolay Malomuzh

Viktor Mahlaichuk

Vyachyeslav Olyeynik

Galina Pavlenko

Dmitry Panchenko

Andrey Semenov

Myroslav Sushko