Department of Theoretical Physics
and Astronomy

Odesa National I.I. Mechnikov University

Department of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy,
Odesa I.I.Mechnikov National University,
2 Dvoryanskaya St., Odesa 65026, Ukraine
Tel: +38 (048) 731-75-56

General information

The Department of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy at I.I. Mecnikov National University of Odessa offers both undergraduate and graduate programs to the students of the Physics Faculty. The undergraduate program includes all the compulsory courses in theoretical and mathematical physics and а number of specialized courses (such as Physical Kinetics, Financial Kinetics, Superconductivity Theory, Business English, etc.). ... Read more

Latest news

23.06.2022   21:30

Congratulations to the DTPhA graduate (2010) A. Sokolov with successful defence of PhD thesis in UCD (Ireland)

sokolov_phd.png (5.50 MB)

29.03.2021   18:30

Congratulations to the department's graduate D. Mishagli with successful PhD thesis defence

Latest publications

A. Katts, V. Kulinskii. Parameters of the Liquid–Gas-State Triangle for Hard-Core Attractive Yukawa Fluids. J. Phys. Chem. B (2023)

L.A. Bulavin, N.P. Malomuzh, O.V. Khorolskyi. Звідна та незвідна частини водневого показника рН розбавлених водних розчинів хлориду натрію. Ukr. J. Phys. 68 (2023) 177

Oleksii Khorolskyi, Nikolay P. Malomuzh. pH and H-bonding energy for pure water. Chemical Physics Letters 828 (2023) 140713

A. Katts, V. Kulinskii. Global isomorphism approach: attractive Yukawa fluid, 2D case. Journal of Molecular Liquids (2023) 122736

Vladimir Y. Chechko, Vladimir Ya. Gotsulskiy, Nikolay P. Malomuzh. Peculiar points of aqueous solutions of mono-hydrogen alcohols. Journal of Molecular Liquids 367 (2022) 120537