General Information

The Department of Theoretical Physics at I.I. Mecnikov National University of Odessa (further referred to as the Department) offers both undergraduate and graduate programs to the students of the Physics Faculty.

The undergraduate program includes all the compulsory courses in theoretical and mathematical physics and а number of specialized courses (such as Physical Kinetics, Financial Kinetics, Superconductivity Theory, Business English, etc.). The Department possesses the necessary experience and various training materials. The curricula, syllabi, and study aids are permanently updated, to have them incorporating the latest advances in modern physics.

The graduate program is based upon the scientific potential of the Department, which comprises, among others, four Doctors of Science, including three professors. The program is focused on training M.S. and Ph.D. students; it also promotes favorable conditions for those pursuing the Doctor of Science degree. Those, including international students, are invited to enroll who has already earned their first higher education degree and plans to pursue further studies.

The department also includes the Research Laboratory, the organizational unit for carrying out the main research projects. These concentrate on the problems of condensed matter theory, such as the theory of supercooled and superviscous liquids, theory of systems with strong hydrogen bonds, theory of Coulomb’s liquids and non-ideal plasma, and theory of collective excitations in emulsions and macromolecule solutions. The problems of many-dimensional classical and quantum cosmology, theory of low-dimensional quantum systems, and related problems of nano-electronics are also under investigation. Considerable part of these research is being done by the graduate and doctoral students under the professor’s supervision.

The Scientific Seminar functioning at the Department is the place where the modern problems in theoretical physics and the results of the own research are exposed to in-depth discussions.

The faculty and research fellows of the Department regularly take part in international scientific programs, deliver lectures and do research at universities in many countries, give plenary session reports at international conferences, and themselves organize such conferences in Odesa, inviting a large number of foreign participants. Of the recent conferences organized by the Department and having caused resonant comments among the experts, the international conference on the operator theory and its applications, in tribute of the 90th anniversary of Mark Hryhorovych Krein (Odesa, August 18–22, 1997), and the international conference Special Problems in Physics of Liquids, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Iosyph Zalmanovych Fisher (Odesa, May 31 – June 4, 1999), should be mentioned. In April 09 - 14,2007 the large-scale international conference Modern Analysis and Applications 2007, was held in commemoration of the centenary of the birth of M. G. Krein.

The members of the Department closely cooperate with the Richelieu Lyceum where they offer assistance in training the student teams for the participation in tournaments of young physicists, Ukrainian Physics Olympiads, and other international contests. Many graduates of the Lyceum, who used to participate in such competitions, later entered the Physics Faculty and pursued their studies at the Department.

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